DA Competition series

New designed long shaft without buckle specially for F3A aircraft Imported large size bearings The back cover without jbckscrew Rotor dynamic balancing

Product Description:

1)  New designed long shaft without buckle, specially for F3A aircraft.
2)  Imported large size bearings.
3)  The back cover without jbckscrew, combined with shaft by hot pressing. More stable, more balanced.
4)  Rotor dynamic balancing. Precision assembled case, control the swing, while using dynamic balancer 
to detect and compensate. 
5) Improved air-gap and improved efficiency
6) Tile-shaped magnets. Adopt the highest grade aluminum iron boron magnets.
7)  0.2mm lamination.
8)  220 centigrade degree high temperature wire
9)  Thicker enameled wire. 4-8 strands in parallel, improved insulation and impact resistance
10)  KV value optimized. Accurately calculate wire diameter, improve magnetic efficiency.
11)  Weight decreased. XM6355DA weighs about 560g.
12)  There is bearing bracket in the back of motor, to further reduce vibration.
13)  Supply dedicated motor mount (sold separately) to fix in the front of firewall.
14)  New designed apprearance with Dualsky symbolic star.

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Item Name:Xmotor DA Competition series brushless outrunners

Item No:
57635 XM6355DA-10-Competition  278 RPM/V 563g
57636 XM6355DA-11-Competition 240 RPM/V 566g
57606 XM6355DA-12-Competition 222 RPM/V 566g
57812 XM6355DA-13-Competition 200 RPM/V 566g
57637 XM6360DA-9-Competition 242 RPM/V 655g
57608 XM6360DA-10-Competition 218 RPM/V 655g
57630 XM6360DA-11-Competition 199 RPM/V 650g
57634 XM6360DA-12-Competition 182 RPM/V 642g
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